How To Get a Tattoo Apprenticeship

Being a tattoo artist is not a work that is easy to obtain. One can be a great artist, but that does not mean they have the capability to tattoo. Because of that, it is not easy to start a career or to even have a job as one.

It does not mean it is impossible though. You will just have to take patience with the process and steps.

The first step would be being an apprentice. Keep in mind that it may not go smoothly in finding one. Also, it might empty your pocket rather than make it full. But it is necessary because for one, a tattoo artist will need a license and in order to obtain it, you will need training.

This is just the first step for a career possibility and once you moved on from this, you will be more experienced and also wiser.

1. Have Practice

Before you find someone, you will need to know at least the basics first. Because of that, you will need to be doing practices. Some workshops will also help you to learn about different techniques and kinds. Even if you do not have apprenticeship yet, you can still learn from professionals without any in return if you are really eager and passionate.

2. Have a Portfolio

When you are getting started, be sure to not ignore it or take it away. Keep those sketches and also take pictures of those you have tattooed. Compiling a portfolio is one of the most important things to do in being an artist. For an upcoming tattoo artist, you would need a portfolio for finding an apprenticeship. Remember that you are only starting, so it would be okay to not have much but will surely need a lot of your sketches. Remember not to give everything but only those you have best. You will still need to impress and at the same time, have the will to learn.

3. Have a Mentor

In order for you to easily learn and also gain apprenticeship is by having a mentor. If you are lucky, you can apply to them, but it is not always the case. One of the reasons being they are not looking for one but are willing to teach. Another is that they are not willing or not much qualified and if you really want to move forward, you might need to find someone with high standards. But the good side of this is that you will be able to learn more and also, they can be critique in your work.

4. Have Connections

Another thing that can be a factor for you to easily gain apprenticeship is by having connections. If you have a mentor, they may give you ideas on who you can approach. They might also know who is best for you and may even recommend you.

5. Have the Right Attitude 

As said before, to start as a tattoo artist is not easy, so it requires patience. Some fo them also costs something but not all. Those that are free are hard to find though. Also, being an apprentice does not pay much. Because of this, you have to be wise with your ways and also learn along the way.