How Often Should You Wash A New Tattoo?

You now have a tattoo. It would be because it is meaningful and has thought about it and also wanting it for some time. It might also because you just want something new or would like your interests to be inked at your body.

Whatever your reason would be, the most important factor you would need to do is the aftercare. The skin is part of your body. In fact, it is the largest organ, so it is important to take care of it.

How often should a new tattoo be washed?

One of the factors in aftercare the time for washing it. How often would it be? Will it affect your new ink?

Keep in mind that it will depend upon the kind and size of your tattoo. Another thing to consider is the placement of it. Because of that, it might vary. Also, some tattoo studios would have different opinions and advice about it. Listen to them for they know what is best for the customer. Also, if they will give you instructions, be sure to read them and follow them accordingly.

It is advisable to clean up your new tattoo which means most will definitely advise you to wash it up after a few hours. The reason for that is because cleanliness is a big factor for your tattoo’s healing. But before that, your new tattoo should be protected first for three hours, so you should not remove the covering. After that, wash your hands and remove the covering, and make sure you do it properly. It would likely depend on your tattoo so make sure to ask advice from your artist about it. Then after removing it, it may contain blood or some other things such as plasma. Know that it is normal, so do not be scared of it. Wash it with anti-bacterial soap and make sure that the water is lukewarm. Then after that, let it dry, or you can also pat it gently with a paper towel. Do not rub it or else it will get irritated.

You will have to do this every few hours for the next three days. Then after that, you can clean at least twice a day. You will have to do that regularly that you may need to have a routine about it. It will also depend upon your activities that may need immediate cleaning up after. Also, your tattoo may also start to scab, so you will have to be more gentle when that time comes.

Aside from washing your new tattoo, there are also important factors that you will need to know about aftercare.

1. Applying Cream

One of the important aspects of the healing of your tattoo is applying an anti-bacterial cream for the first few days. You can ask for advice about what kind would be best for you. Just like with washing, you would need to do this every few hours. After that, you can switch to lotion.

2. Refrain from Scratching

One of the most annoying feelings you would encounter is the itching. Make sure that you will refrain from scratching and also picking on it or else it will infect your skin and also your tattoo.