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Does Your Apartment Need an Electric Fireplace?

Just when you think you got everything you need in your apartment, you are going to lack some things. An electric fireplace is one of them and it even comes in many designs. In fact, you will definitely come across a design that would suit your apartment the most. Here are a few reasons why you would need an electric fireplace for your apartment:

Slowly Brings Heat

When you feel that it is cold outside, there is no need to hurry to bring heat inside your home. An electric fireplace will bring the heat to the interiors of your apartment slowly but surely. It will only be a matter of time before you don’t feel cold anymore. You know you would want to embrace your loved ones in front of the fireplace when it is cold.


It is pretty cheap compared to gas and wood fireplace. In addition, it won’t cost much to maintain it. In fact, it does not burn gas so you just need to clean every now and then. The other types of fireplaces will need you to spend money almost every month to maintain it. That is not the case with an electric fireplace as the only time you will need to spend money is when you buy it. In fact, the cheapest one is only $700 and the most expensive one is $2250. That is pretty cheap compared to other types of fireplaces and it usually already includes the installation.

Improve Appearance

There is no doubt you are going to make your interiors a lot better no matter what the design of the electric fireplace is. In fact, some visitors can just come in and check it out. It would be a different feeling when you are pretty proud of your apartment. You would not mind inviting people over for some gatherings like birthdays or other occasions. The other people living in your apartment would also feel great about the improved look.

Little Safety Risk

The first thing that would always come to mind when you buy an electric fireplace is the safety of everyone involved. There is no doubt you would not be concerned about safety since it is not real fire anyway. At first, that would take the thrill off having a real fireplace. After a few weeks, you will realize you made a great call since you won’t have to worry about the place catching on fire because there is no chance that will happen. Therefore, safety would be the last thing on your mind.

Now that you know why you would need an electric fireplace in your apartment, you should get one immediately (You can look at reviews and recommendations which This Electric Home provides). You can look forward to your bonding moments with your friends and loved ones in front of the electric fireplace. It will make for some incredible and relaxing memories. There is no doubt doing that would lessen the amount of stress you are feeling. In fact, you will immediately feel excited about doing it again in the future.


What Is A Studio Apartment Vs. A One Bedroom

You are looking for an apartment. It could be your first one or just have the need to find a new one. It will be something new. It is a bit overwhelming because of the various choices and kinds.

If you are planning on living alone, you may be finding something that is smaller. While on a hunt, you might encounter the two types that are most popular for those who live alone. These types are called the studio apartment and one-bedroom apartment. What is there a difference? What will be best for you?

Studio Apartment

A studio apartment is a unit with a single room that contains a bathroom. But that is it, the unit has the kitchen, bedroom, and living room in one space. It will be up to the owner how they will divide and form their rooms.

One-Bedroom Apartment

A one-bedroom apartment, on the other hand, is your typical unit with a bedroom that is set aside from the living room and kitchen which at times are separated or together. It also has more space than a studio apartment. It also usually has more features such as a balcony and a fireplace.

What to Choose?

Now that you know the difference between the two, it is time to choose. You may have an idea what to get, but you should also keep in mind the following when choosing:

1. Budget

As a one-bedroom apartment have more space, it is also pricier than the studio apartment. In addition to that, because of the small space, you will not need additional furniture and decor for a studio apartment, so less expense for you. It is also for this reason that this type of unit is easier to set it up.

2. Lifestyle

Are you a person who loves inviting people over or hosting parties? Then you would want to choose a one-bedroom for that. For one, it is bigger, so it can fit in more people. Also, you should remember that a studio only has a single space for all, so you will also entertaining them in your own bedroom. Add to that, if you have some of them staying over, you will not have enough space for them to sleep in.

This also includes your belongings and commodities. If you have many of them, you will need to have the extra space to put them in.

But if you are a person who is just usually by yourself, a studio might be enough for you. This also includes if you are a person who is frequently out of town, so you might not need the extras.

3. Location

It will also depend the place that the apartment is located. A studio apartment will be cheaper even if it is in a part of the city. Because of that, it will be nearer to establishments and even your workplace. The will be one-bedroom available too but at a higher price. If you want to live in a cheaper one-bedroom apartment, it would outside the city. If you will not mind additional commutes and walks, this will be for you.


Why Should You Hire An Interior Designer

Now that you have your own home, what is next will be making it look it is yours. The problem is that you have no idea how you will start or how will it be designed. The best way to start is to hire an interior designer. You might be thinking that it is not worth it. For one, you may be able to do it by yourself with the help of some research and friends. Another is it will be costly. And of course, you would not know if you will be able to like their ideas.

But it is not what it is though. It will actually be a big help to you if you hire one. There are some of the reasons:

1. To Know What’s Best

One of the questions you would ask after moving or having a new home is how will it be designed? There are many types and kinds of designs, and you have no idea how well that applies to you. With an interior designer, you will be able to achieve that. Keep in mind that they trained and studied for this, so they know better. They would be able to assess both what is needed for your space. They would also incorporate your interests because once you give it away and add some suggestions, they would know what will be the best style for you. 

2. To Save Time

You will also not spend your time thinking about what will be needed in your home. With the designer, they will be able to know that with just one look. They also surely know about the products and brands. Because of that, it will save you time from researching all of them. If you have a preference, they would know what to suggest to you. Aside from that, they will also know who will contact for other things such as architects or contractors and also for the constructions that will be needed.

3. To Save Money

Aside from time, you will also save money. You might think that it will be more expensive because of the services you have to pay, but it is not the case. Remember that they have a good eye when it comes to spaces. That means they know what is best for your home, and you do not have to buy something that does not deem fit for your home. Also, they will help you with increasing the value of your home for they know how will it be. You may even save a lot with their suggestions and budgeting.

4. To Look Great

You might think that will be able to make your home look good by yourself because you already have your own aesthetic. But nothing beats those who are trained for this. Also, many have tried it on their own but in the end, they just got frustrated. By hiring an interior designer, you will be saved for that. They will surely know every detail that needs to be added and also how they can be functional.


How To Pick A Design Style For Your Home

With your home, you will have responsibilities for it. The first thing that will come to mind is the bills that are needed to be paid. But in addition to that, you will also need to maintain your own home. It is not only to increase the value of your own but also for your benefit. Then you will also want to make your home as your own. It is not by having it in your name but by making it look like it is yours. 

To do that, you will have to know and learn about the different kinds. Here are some ways how you will pick them:

1. Know Your Budget

The first thing you should need to know is how much will you be allotting with your furniture and decor. Some designs might be a little bit pricier than the rest. If you have the capacity, you can go for it, but there are also other cheaper choices you can look upon. Also, what you can do is to be patient and creative. You can go to thrift shops or could do some DIY for yourself if you think your budget will not be able to carry the design you prefer. 

2. Know Your Interests

Then there are also your interests. If you are into arts and crafts, you likely would want to have your home reflect on it. Your creativity will be seen if you will have it displayed or used around your home. You can also have your creativity in repurposing some of the furniture and make them more useful or just fun and whimsical.

If you are more of a quiet type and into books, you can also use that. Have some shelves to accommodate your collection. Then you will make your home warm and cozy so that you will be relaxed while reading a book. You can have this in your living room where you can also share with your visitors or the comfort of your own room. You can also have it all around if you want to and make it work.

Another example is having a traditional or vintage looking home. If you are a person who is into old-style furniture or antiques, then this is for you. Heirlooms and statement pieces that are passed on you will be handy with this style.

3. Know Your Personality

Your personality will also affect in choosing the design of your home. How? Well, it is through your personality you would see your preferred design. Like for example, the minimalist design is mostly preferred those who want to keep things simple. Boho design, on the other hand, tends to be for those who are more free-spirited.

Your lifestyle also counts. Inviting close friends and family will tend to like a cozier and more welcoming home. If you like having parties then the design of your home will also affect that, because it means you will have something that has more space and also easy to adjust and to clean up. 


How To Keep A Top Floor Apartment Cool In The Summer

As much it is really cool to be living in an apartment top floor because of the view, you will not be saying that much once the hot season starts. It is not easy and at times, you might just want to go somewhere else and not to stay at your home. Add to that when you have guests over, and it will be a lot harder.

There are a lot of solutions you can do though, so you can still have that time to relax at your own home and here are some:

1. Keep the Heat Out and the Cool In

If you manage to have that cool air, you will need to have it kept in your home. The first thing you will need to do is close the doors of rooms not in use, but keep those that you use frequently such as bedroom, bathroom, etc. 

With the cool air in your home, you will also need to block out any sources of heat, and one of these is the sunlight especially during midday when it is the hottest. Because of that, you should keep your curtains or blinds closed during this time. You should also avoid doing something that will add extra heat to your home. So if possible, do not do so much cooking in your home because ovens and stoves just add temperature. You can do it once in a week or times when it is less hot or have it done outside. 

2. Take Advantage of Nighttime

During the night, it will be much cooler unlike in the day. You would want to take advantage of that and have that cool air store in your home. You could do that by opening the windows during the night. You can also use some devices that will help the air circulate in your home even during the day.

3. Fans

There are a lot of fans you can use during the heat. First is the one you will use for yourself. If you do not want to consume much energy or pay big for electricity, you will opt for an electric fan or ceiling fan. For an electric fan, put on some ice to make it cooler. It is really nice to have it directly on you but if you want the cool air to circulate, you can have it rotate around your room. This is also what a ceiling fan does.

Another kind of fan is exhaust fans. What it does is it takes out the smell and odors from your kitchen and bathroom. But it is not the only thing it can do, it can also take out the heat from your home. Open them during the hottest time of the day, so the cool air from fans or air conditioners can circulate faster.

Things you can do for yourself:

Aside from cooling your home, you should also help yourself.

  1. Take a bath or shower.
  2. Stay hydrated and eat cool food.
  3. Wear light clothing.