How To Stop A Tattoo From Itching

Whether it is your first time or not, you will have this fulfilling feeling when you have a new tattoo. It could be something important or meaningful, or it could be something you just feel like having.

Also, whether it will be your first time or not, the same aftercare instructions are going to be given. The same irritations are also to be experienced. One of the most common irritation is itching.

Why does this happen? Well, you need to remember that it is normal and also part of the healing process. Remember that being tattooed is basically had your skin wounded and as it heals, it will get some scabs which is one of the main causes of itching.

Of course, you should not scratch it, or it will just get worse. Your skin and tattoo will be affected because of that. It might cause some infections and at the same time, your tattoo will not look like the one you would like to have. So, how could you avoid it? How can you relieve yourself from it?

1. Apply Moisturizer

One of the reasons the skin itches is because of dryness. So the solution for this is applying some moisturizer. If you are not sure what to use, you can seek advice from pharmacies or the tattoo artist itself. They may know which will be the best with the type of tattoo you got and also your skin. Just make sure not to overdo it because your skin needs some breathing room. Applying a thin layer will be enough.

2. Gently Patting

If it gets really irritating for you and cannot help yourself, gently pat it instead. It may not be fulfilling but it will help to dull it. Also, remember that scratching may also not relieve the itchiness. This way, there will be no scabs that will be dragged, so it will not ruin your tattoo. Make sure to wash your hands to prevent any sort of risk of infection.

3. Shower

Another way to ease and dull the itchiness is by taking a shower. It would be temporary yet effective. After showering, be sure to tap it dry with a paper towel instead of a bath towel which may cause some effects for your tattoo. To further ease, apply a moisturizer after showering.

4. Cool It

Cooling will also soothe itchiness. The best way to do this is by having a clean, damp cloth or towel on the tattooed area for a few minutes. Make sure that it is just around the area and not the tattoo itself. Aside from that, you can also use ice packs.

5. Distraction

Taking your mind off the itchiness is one of the ways you can do. It might be hard and not that effective because the itchiness itself might distract you instead. But you can try. Do some activities that will require your full attention such as playing some games on your phone or computer or even doing some work or projects.