How to Cover a Tattoo Without Makeup

To have a tattoo is a form of art and expression. That is why when people got them, it is for showing off. But it is not always the case. Some people still do not agree with tattooing, and there will be also a time that has to be covered up whether it be in an event or professional purposes or for yourself when you do not want to show it off.

One of the ways is by makeup. But the problem is it could be a lot of work. There are other ways though, but you should keep in mind that:

  1. It will not always work.
  2. It will depend upon the placement of your tattoo.

With these reasons in mind, it is time for you to know the other ways to cover up a tattoo.

1. Clothing

One of the easiest solutions is by the clothes you wear. This will be especially easy if your tattoo is located somewhere hidden like your back or chest which can be solved by wearing a top. But if it is somewhere within your arms or biceps, you will need long sleeves to cover it up. If it is somewhere within your leg or ankle, then wear long pants and even long socks. Another trick is if it is within your neck, wear something high-collared.

2. Accessories

Aside from clothing, you can also find accessories that can cover up your tattoo. If it is the season, you can wear a scarf and can easily cover the tattoos within your neck. But style nowadays does not require the season. So if it is your style and can pull it off, you can wear a scarf with lighter material even during the heat. Another is a bandana. You can also use jewelry such as big necklaces if your tattoo is small enough for them. As for your wrists. You can also use large bracelets or a watch.

3. Bandage

If all else fails, you can have a bandage and pretend you have an injury. Small ones will be easy since you can easily cover it up with a band-aid. The bigger ones might be a problem because it will gain attention, and people will start questioning.

4. Adhesive Cover

There are adhesive fabrics available for covering up tattoos. They are some that are sold in pharmacies, but you can also purchase them online. It is also available in rolls wherein you can measure and cut them yourself. Because it is fabric, it works well even in hot temperatures. The problem is that it is more effective on smaller ones. Also, you might need to choose a shade that will match your skin tone, and it can be quite a challenge especially if it is limited.

5. Hair

If your tattoo is somewhere within your neck, you can cover it up with your hair. You will need to choose the right hairstyle or have it longer. This is especially easy if it is at the back of your neck because all you will need to do is let your hair down.