Urban Apartments: How To Do More With Less

Location, location, location…many people are willing to sacrifice space for location. Urban living can be great, everything is within reach, from entertainment to restaurants to close commute to the office. Smaller living can help us focus on what is really important. Instead of having an overabundance of material things, we can focus on relationships and experiences. 

For the things that we do need, there are many storage solutions. Utilizing space that normally goes unused, is a great way to start. Using storage bins under the bed can be a place to store sheets, towels, and extra clothes. A free standing rod can be a place to hang more formal clothes that we don’t need that often. 

Another way to make the most of your space is to “go vertical” installing extra shelves in the kitchen for things you don’t need to access that often. Or for things you do need to get to on a regular basis, just get a step stool. 

Also using your furniture for multiple purposes. For example, you may not need a desk and a table, you can eat and work on the same surface. Over the bedroom door is a great place to install hooks, these hooks can be used for clothing. It is also a great place to hang an over the door mirror or shoe organizer. On the back of the bathroom door, you can install more hooks or rods, to be used for towels. 

Some furniture is convertible in nature, such as a futon that can be used as a couch or a bed. This can be used for everyday or for guests, depending on your individual needs. Some beds lift up for storage or have built-in drawers. A closet organizer is an inexpensive option to make the most of your closet space. 

Going digital can also help you have less “stuff.” Taking pictures of receipts and storing them in a file in your computer, or downloading digital books instead of buying and storing a book, also you can save recipes on your phone or computer instead of a written recipe. 
As we talked about before dual purpose is the way to go, a storage ottoman can be a place to keep shoes or clothing, or a cube organizer with bins can store a multitude of things and have a surface to display decorations. 

Bunk beds or a daybed (with a pull out trundle) can be a way to maximize floor space and is a great option if you have children. In the bedroom, side tables with drawers are a great option to store things. If you don’t have much room in the bathroom, you can put a shelf above the toilet, or a space-saving vanity for storage. 

Tables with leaves or that fold up are also a great option, for saving space. Some people choose to forgo the kitchen table and opt for a coffee table that has a top that lifts up for eating. 

A bench with storage can also be a good option, a bench can be used for seating at a table or in the living room. There are many options and benefits to living smaller.